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31st August

8:30am - 5pm

1st September

8:30am - 7pm

45 Pipitea Street

What we're about

DataLand NZ is a cross-agency open data event, bringing creative minds together at the Department of Internal Affair's head office.

We want to bring creativity from all different walks of life together to work collaboratively. We're looking for techies, arties, data people, graduates, workplace professionals, uni students and anyone in-between. If you're passionate, then all we ask for is your time, a laptop and a willingness to get stuck in!

Our primary target audience is tertiary students and young professionals. But if you don’t fit into either of these categories, don’t worry! We are all about diversity of thinking, and what better way to promote the meeting of multifarious minds than to have seasoned open data enthusiasts collaborating with emerging talent. So, whatever age or background you come from we have a place for you at DataLand!

Our event will bring together sponsors from the public and private sector. We'll have speakers leading up to the event, bringing inspiration on how companies use and manipulate data in innovative and insightful ways. On the day, we'll be bringing mentors and experts to help you reimagine Open Data and Open Government, with food and prizes to keep you motivated!

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About the event

The event will run over two days, from 8:30 am to 5 pm on Friday the 31st of August and Saturday the 1st of September, with morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea provided.

Our pre-events will be held over the 20th to the 28th of August. We will be bringing in speakers, hosting board games, and holding Q&A panels. If you need that extra bit of inspiration, or just want a bit of an edge over the competition, come along and see what Open Data is already achieving.

After the event, we will be hosting a short presentation and judging panel. Here you will get a chance to present your solution, with some quick feedback from our panel of expert judges. We will then be awarding spot prizes, for categories such as most helpful, best team names and funniest presentations. Our grand prizes will be awarded later, after careful consideration.

The real prize will be the ability to come together and celebrate Open Data and Open Government driving innovation and connectivity for the benefit of all New Zealanders

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Visualise online ACC treatment injury data

Visualisation of treatment injury data to help inform and educate New Zealanders about the types and costs of treatment injuries. This could include infographics, art pieces, news story or other solutions.

ACC Treatment Injury data
Supporting patient safety report 2018(PDF)


Injury prevention and management guidelines

Hack that uses pressure injury (bedsores + ulcers) guide to make access easier to use and consume in the work environment while incorporating Treatment Injury data.

ACC Treatment Injury data
Pressure injury prevention


Increasing youth participation: voting and census

Use any solution format to make data about issues of interest to youth more accessible and easier to understand? These issues may include (but are not limited to) voting, the census, or business queries. Solutions can also be integrated into solutions to previous problem statements.

2013 and earlier census data
2013 census counts by Urban/Rural
R2014 voting and political participation


Design a data literacy tool for Education Counts datasets

Tool (online or offline) that helps users understand and consume Education Counts data easily.

Education counts home


Design an efficacy tool for education sector philanthropy

Tool (online or offline) that helps inform philanthropists of financial scenarios across New Zealand education, to help properly inform charitable donations.

Finance Indicators
MBIE economic mesh block data
Communities of Learning
Charities Register


Desensitising data

Using either MPI data (such as Pastoral Monitoring) or any other anonymised data as a guide, design a tool, infographic or data process to assist in sensibly protecting data or to automatically protect data.

Pastoral Monitoring
12 Principles of the Privacy Act


at DHBs and Health Professionals based on the Claim Lodgement Guide

THack that uses the Claim Lodgement Guide and ACC Treatment Injury data to help facilitate claim lodgement for DHBs and RHPs.

ACC Treatment Injury data


Design a tool to help present relevant data for policy-making

Tool (online or offline) that can cross-reference separate datasets and identify key data correlations, and present this data in a readily-consumable way to assist policy decision-making

Education at a glance 2017
Attendance rates (2017)
Retention Rates (2017)
Labour market statistics


Save one more life

Design a mobile app or online tool with the goal of reducing the road toll. This solution should be targeted at improving the chances of saving specific lives, rather than trying to minimise the road toll.

Save one more life data
Kiwirail data


Making inflation InfoShare data more accessible

Using any solution format, make the Household Living-Cost Price Index on InfoShare easier to read, cleaner or in any way more accessible, bringing together multiple data sources to help gauge area affordability. This tool might be used for people planning a move to a new area, or those evaluating the affordability of their current area.




Design a tool (online or offline) that can help inform New Zealanders on how to locate and identify pests and invasive species. This could also link to resources on how to manage them after identification.

Biosecurity Import Register
Biosecurity Registers
Marine Biosecurity Porthole
Biosecurity Pest and Disease list


Day 1

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Day 2

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Hackathons provide a venue for self-expression and creativity through technology and ideas. People with technical and creative thinking backgrounds come together, form teams around a problem or idea, and collaboratively come up with a unique solution from scratch — these generally take the shape of websites and mobile apps, but we welcome other formats too – the sky’s the limit!

Anyone! We're looking for diverse thinkers and creators from all backgrounds and disciplines.

That's fine! We're looking for diverse thinkers from all types of backgrounds. Your creative thinking will be valuable in coming up with solutions.

Bring your laptop and charger to work on. We'll take care of the rest.

Nope! It's free! We will also be providing food and drinks (if you have special dietary requirements you can specify these on our registration form).

Department of Internal Affairs building | 45 Pipitea Street | Wellington

August 31st (Friday) - September 1st (Saturday)

Sign up here!

You don't have to sign up with a team, but it's certainly more fun! We allow teams of 4 - 6 people.

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